Lighthouse Blockchain Technology GmbH is a company made up of entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts united in their aim of boosting innovation in the digital economy. We possess extensive experience in implementing complex, tech-savvy solutions. Our team consists of professionals in finance, project management, software development research, design, and marketing.
We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to play a critical role in the future. They will make us less dependent on governments and banks and will give us more control over our finances. In fact, cryptocurrencies have already made transactions faster, safer, and less costly. Even so, there is still a great deal of work to be done.
We will operate responsibly in accordance with all applicable laws and are eager to build relationships with financial institutions and local governments. Therefore, we are always open to discussions and collaborations. For any business or partnership inquiries, please email us at
We always strive for innovation since there is no limit to perfection.
We make people's lives better and save them time.
We base our relationships with partners on trust.
Only happy, free, and responsible people can build a great company.
Our company is made up of people connected by common values and aims, while our flat organizational structure boosts our effective performance.
Sergey Sivochalov
Chief Operating Officer
Roman Gaidaenko
Chief Financial Officer
Sergey Elagin
Financial Analyst
Renat Mustafaev
Investor Relations Manager
Kirill Afanasyev
Head of Design
Taras Stotsky
Site Reliability Engineer
Vyacheslav Kovalenko
Lead Frontend Developer
Konstantin Shpachenko
Lead Backend Developer
Alexander Alexandrov
Backend Developer
Victoria Stratulat
Quality Assurance Engineer
Ksenia Zavialova
Quality Assurance Engineer
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We plan to extend our team as the company grows and evolves. If you want to join, feel free to contact us